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Magnolia Tea Coffee Set

$ 120.00

Orhideya Tea Set

$ 120.00

Corporate Gifts

Giftonica - Gifts for Her - Gifts for Him - Great Gifts for Mom!

There are many special occasions in every person's life that can be easily celebrated with great gifts.

Many companies out there offer plenty of products that can serve as wonderful gifts but our company is a bit special for a number of reasons. First of all, we specialise in products than can become great gifts for anyone and the client doesn’t have to worry too much if the gift is suitable or not. Secondly, Giftonica’s products is already presented as wonderful gifts for her/him. Each gift can serve a purpose - to put a smiles on the face of a loved one. Thirdly, the gifts produced by Giftonica are perfect for moms and can become truly special presents for any special occasion such as Christmas or Easter, Mother’s day or Valentine’s day.

At the same time, the gifts offered by Giftonica can serve as high quality thoughtful corporate gifts. Because they are tastefully packaged and add style to any event, they can be presented as corporate presents that will leave a positive impression on anyone getting them.

Giftonica prides itself in the quality of their products and loves to share this high quality with its existing and potential clients.

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